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Bamboo Bike Black Fixie - Meraki Cole Company
Bamboo Bike Black Fixie - Meraki Cole Company
Bamboo Bike Black Fixie - Meraki Cole Company
Bamboo Bike Black Fixie - Meraki Cole Company
Bamboo Bike Black Fixie - Meraki Cole Company
Bamboo Bike Black Fixie - Meraki Cole Company

Bamboo Bike Black Fixie

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Be unique, stand out, get noticed!

Be the first in your neighborhood to own an authentic handcrafted eco-friendly bamboo bike!

Benefits of a Bamboo Bike:

  • Eco-Friendly Sustainable Material
  • Lightweight
  • Durability
  • Softer Ride
  • Low Carbon Footprint
  • Healthier Lifestyle


With modish pitch black accents and tires, the Meraki Cole Black Bamboo Fixie Bike features an original bamboo frame. The classic construction creates a simple, modern riding experience. The natural fibers create a striking, organic visual. The saddle is made of leather for comfortability when biking over long periods of time.

The U-bar handle is designed wide, for easy gripping when steering. The rims offer an attractive connected web of steel-style elements. Count on the coastal back and disc front brake system to keep you safe and in control, during stops. Weighing only 25 pounds, locking your bike in public or storing on your personal bike rack is lightweight and simple. The simplistic mechanics, create fast paced travel that is also smooth.

Get your unique handmade bamboo bike from Meraki Cole Company now!


  • Brand New
  • Frame Material: Bamboo
  • Black Joint
  • Tire: 700 x 28C
  • Brake: Coastal (Back) / Disc (Front)
  • Bamboo & Aluminum Rims
  • Extruded Pedals
  • Gear: Sturmey Archer S2 Duomatic
  • U-Bar Handle
  • Leather Saddle
  • Leather Handle Grip
  • Bike Weight: 25 lbs.
  • Bike Dimension: 22 inch. 
  • Avg. Body Height: 5'4" - 6'0"
  • Max Weight Limit: 198 lbs.
  • 8-16 Week Delivery
  • Bamboo Bike Warranty
    *Meraki Cole bicycles are photographed without pedals and brakes, which is for artistic and aesthetic purposes only.


    The bamboo bicycle frame is handcrafted from natural, high strength, durable Tonkin bamboo which is an eco-friendly sustainable material.

    Bamboo is known for its high strength and toughness which can effectively absorb vibrations and shock.  It provides a smooth riding feel, like a carbon fiber bicycle. It is durable like steel, but lightweight as aluminum alloy.

    Each bamboo tube is unique in terms of shape, pattern and even color.  The joint is made of aluminum alloy wrapped with hemp strings, covered by epoxy resin, therefore it is very durable. If well preserved (maintenance), bamboo will have an extended lifetime. 


    All bikes have been assembled and tested before packed for shipment. Upon completion of testing the bicycles are partially disassembled to allow for easy worldwide shipping. The bikes are designed to be assembled by the consumer.  If you prefer or need assistance assembling your bicycle, we would be more than happy to recommend a reputable bicycle shop in your area.